Research Work

E- Magazines

Vault of Knowledge

 Magazines form a vault of knowledge that once opened,transports you to a world of information.

Deep Information

 Information has been thoroughly researched upon and covered in great depth.

Satisfies curiosity

From educating to entertaining, magazines are a great way to satisfy the curiosity in you.

What is E-Magazine and its advantages?

An E-Magazine is an online or digital magazine which are accessible to the users via online. Advantages are People can easily access it from wherever they are, Any organization can show off their work through an e-magazine, We need not move from one place to another in order to buy or get one, They can be cost efficient and sustainable. All our E-magazines are related to “Food” which includes types of food, flavors, tastes, nutrition, etc… 

Our E-magazines is all about the food and flavors of each and every state of our country. This magazine gives you all the knowledge and information about the Food, Flavor and some of the preparation method of the famous and exotic dishes of that particular state.

Have a Read

Our super talented group of Content Writers, Graphics designers, Web Developers and all other interns of NAF Win Global Foods poured all their efforts to come up with the brand new magazines every month.

Go ahead and have a look at our amazing editions of our magazines! We hope you enjoy and get knowledge of our delicious foods in India.